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Arin Air is a top notch company providing punctual service to the commercial business community. Our company has been using Arin-Air on various projects spanning more than 25 years. Because of their professionalism and thorough work ethic, we are happy to refer them to anyone for any project no matter the size. Great customer service and outstanding quality are what makes Arin Air our number one choice.

Larry Deem

Deem Commercial Construction, Houston, TX

I have worked closely with Arin-Air, Inc. on HVAC new installation, maintenance and repair since 1998.  I find their employees highly knowledgeable, professional, courteous and reliable.  If you need a one-stop HVAC professional, Arin-Air is worthy of your consideration.

Gary G.

Labrada Nutrition, Houston, TX

Arin-Air has upgraded and maintained our energy management system since we purchased our present office building in 2001.  We have been very satisfied with the quality and promptness of the company’s technicians, and we would recommend this company to others.

Russell E. Pae

Controller, Olympia Drywall Company