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Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement In Houston, Texas

Arin-Air has been providing Houston area business and home owners with full commercial, industrial and residential HVAC services since 1994. We offer full residential air conditioning installation and replacement services for our clients, and are proud to provide 24 / 7 expert service for all AC repair, installation and replacement service needs. Air Conditioning is a part of every day life here in the Houston, TX area. We rely on our cooling systems, in our businesses and in our homes, to keep us comfortable when the temperatures outside are soaring. Arin-Air employs the most well-trained professional cooling technicians to help our customers, we go above and beyond to make sure each service call is the best it can be. Do you need AC installation or replacement for your home or business in Houston? Give us a call or schedule today for a free quote on your AC installation!

Efficient, Effective, Air Conditioners

Arin-Air can install and replace any and all models of air conditioners. If you’re a homeowner here in the Houston area and you’re thinking about upgrading to a newer AC unit, or if your old model has broken down we’ve got you covered. We stock a variety of AC systems for our residential and commercial customers, with models for every budget and space need.

Compared to air conditioners from decades past, new air conditioners today are leagues ahead in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Some things to consider when thinking about your next AC system include:

Better Than Single Stage: Older AC systems have always been single stage all-on or all-off. While that’s better than no air conditioning at all, it can be a lot better:

* True variable capacity condensers are now available with fully modulating operation and variable speed fan motors for the ultimate in comfort, efficiency, and humidity control.

* Two stage AC systems operate much of summer at about 60% of rated capacity for quieter operation and much better humidity control.

Efficient Air Moving: Old air conditioner models utilized inefficient single speed PSC motors for the indoor fan motor and the outdoor condenser fan motor. New model AC’s offers two new more efficient motor systems:

* ECM Variable Speed Motors can provide a broad range of airflows based on system requirements for better comfort and air quality while using less energy than other motor types.

* Constant Torque Motors are higher efficiency, brushless DC motors that are designed to provide a given rate of airflow (CFM) even when operating conditions like static pressure change.

Simply Smarter Systems: The old school AC system of the past with had a mercury based single stage thermostat with a 2 – 4°F operating differential. Modern controls are environmentally sound, and provide simply better comfort:

* Smart Comfort Sync® thermostats with Apple or Android App systems offer accuracy, sophisticated system management, unprecedented control and exceptional energy savings from anywhere on the planet (with an internet signal.)

* 24 VAC two or single stage electronic (mercury free) thermostats.

24/7 AC Repair & Maintenance

Don’t forget Arin-Air also provides around-the-clock repair, maintenance and installation service for your home’s or businesses AC systems. If your AC goes down in the middle of a hot and humid Houston summer night give us a call right away. We’ll dispatch one of our professional factory trained technicians to your home or business to diagnose the issue. We strongly value our customer service reputation, and take pride in our work. After diagnosing the issue we’ll be upfront about what needs to be fixed or replaced, give you a quote for the service, and with your permission proceed with the repair.

Financing For Your New System

We accept all major credit cards and offer a variety of financing options to help with your next service. Your new installation should be a great experience, our financing programs will allow you to remain comfortable all year long and not break the bank.